The problem with children – as every teacher knows – is the wrong posture while playing because of the weight of the┬áhorn. This reaction is understandable. The body tries to find a position where it can tolerate physical stress. So the bell is pointing usually down while the young player is trying to cope with the weight. And how to lear a good breathing and other technique then…

With the ERGObrass trumpet (or cornet) support a little trumpeter can find and maintain a good posture and he or she can concentrate fully on learning. Even a little child can hold the full size trumpet easily – there is no need for a pocket trumpet or plastic instrument!

The additional telescopic extension is a handy help if the chair is very high for a little child like in the photos here. Normally the short chair tube will be better. The telescopic extension does not belong to the basic full set but can be purchased separated if it is needed.

A cornet is a good option for small children. A player do not get so easily tired and can practise a lot longer! With the ERGO it is very easy to find and keep the right posture. Watch it in this 58 sec video :

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