“The Ergo Sax Support is definitely quite useful, specifically for hours of practicing and/or recording as it helps alleviate strain in the arm and wrist.”

Dave Liebman


“The ERGOsax works amazingly well taking all the weight off from the right hand thumb and arm. The whole playing experience is light and comfortable. It works perfectly both sitting and standing and it frees you from the “normal” tension in holding the soprano in a good posture. You can play endless phrases as your hands and arms do not get tired any more.”

Risto Salmi

Freelance saxophonist
Helsinki, Finland

“Thanks to the ERGOsax, you do not need to carry the instrument any longer. You eliminate tensions of the right thumb rest that can lead to serious injuries such as tendonitis. Consequently, without constraint, you can aim at a much better dexterity. No matter what you play, you have to seriously consider the positive implications of the ERGOsax on your playing.”

Philippe Poussard

Saxophonist Bois-Colombes
Paris, France

Read Paul Haar’s review about the ERGOsax support, March 2019:

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