The problem for children – as every teacher knows – is the wrong posture while playing because of the weight of the horn. This reaction is understandable. The body tries to find a position where it can tolerate physical stress.

In fact all these reactions are very natural. The body tries to find a position where it can tolerate physical stress. But of course at the same time, the physical precondition of being able to play efficently diminishes radically.

It is certain that one of the most difficult tasks for a young player is to keep a good bearing with the instrument – also when the teacher is not around! Although it is most important to be able to really learn to play.

The girl has a tense posture and tense hands. Also back and throat are very tensed. Playing is neither comfortable nor efficient.

The girl has become hunched, She is drooping over the horn. Spine and upper body are curved and constricted. She cannot breath efficiently.

We have created a Trial program where a teacher and 2 or 3 students get a playing support free of charge for 6 month time. During this time both the teacher and the student can get a good idea what the ERGObrass support does for a student.

Young player are playing with the ERGObrass very easily. No problem to hold the instrument up!

In our YouTube channel you will find a lot more examples, interviews etc about young students and the ERGObrass. 

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