“The ERGOclar support is quite easy and comfortable to use. I have used it also in the orchestra work. It allows you to move quite freely, so it does not feel restrictive.

The ERGOclar is great for children as it relief them from the pain in the right hand and thumb. It also helps the embouchure because it supports the instrument from below and therefore the mouthpiece is easier to keep toward upper teeth.”

Reetta Näätänen

Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, Finland

“Your neck can be much more relaxed and therefore you do not get tired so easily. And, of course, the right hand thumb do not get tired and sore either.

As a teacher I can see that the also small pupils can play a lot longer without getting tired. It supports also the mouthpiece toward the embouchure. And when you are able play more because of the support, the embouchure gets better! “

Päivi Kiljala

Professor of Clarinet
Itä-Helsingin Musiikkiopisto, Helsinki, Finland

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