“I have been using the ERGObrass system in my own playing for about 3 months now. All of my previous problems with muscle fatigue and tension while holding the instrument have been eliminated. When I sit down to make music during a rehearsal, teaching session, or a recording session – I know that I can fully concentrate on making music. All of my students are now using the ERGObrass system – I am fully supportive of this product!”

Pat Stuckemeyer

Euphonium soloist

“I think the ERGObrass has been a tremendous help for me. I teach a lot and my arms get often tired as I am holding my euphonium so many hours every day. But with the ERGObrass I can play my big instrument without any worries! Also playing while standing is no more a problem. I have seen the same result on my students. Even adults used to “shrink” themselves around the instrument but with the ERGObrass they can breath more freely and that makes them even sound better.”

Tanja Karjalainen

Professor, Lahti Conservatory

“The euphonium is certainly one of most difficult brass instruments from an ergonomic point of view. I have tried many different systems to ease playing while standing. But all other harnesses and straps have impeded my playing instead of making it easier. That is why I did not trust the ERGObrass at first. However, after testing the prototype I learned that the belt support model suited my needs very well. Now I always use it while playing standing. I find at least the following advantages when using it:

– My left hand and neck stay relaxed and I do not need to support the instrument with my right hand thumb. This makes it a lot easier to use the valves.

– It enables very free movements and is very flexible, once you get accustumed to the device.

-It does not disturb breathing, the weight is on pelvis, not on midriff.

– The ERGObrass is visually non-obtrusive. It is easy to attach to the horn.”

Jukka Myllys

Euphonium artist

“I noticed a difference in my playing as soon as I began using the ERGObrass while playing my euphonium. The tension level in my arms, shoulders, and back decreased considerably. I now recommend the ERGObrass to all my students. The system encourages me to have perfect posture every time I pick up the instrument. The design of the components and the quality of craftsmanship are superb. I am addicted to my ERGObrass!”

Dr. Kelly Thomas

Director University of Arizona Pep Band 

“After a short adjustment period, I find that my ERGObrass has helped to remove a great deal of tension from my euphonium playing.  Long practice sessions, especially sitting, are easier and more productive.  Unlike other support devices I’ve tried, the spring loaded support rod in ERGObrass allows me to “move with the music” rather than tying me down to one position. That is immensely helpful. ERGObrass can be adjusted to fit players of any height comfortably and flexibly.”

Jim Williams

Euphonium soloist
professor Franklin College Indiana

“It’s everything I had hoped and more. I can sit erect and therefore get better breath which, in turn, produces a better sound. I can also play longer without a breath. My upper range even seems better. It doesn’t get any better than that. The ability the support give you to move is great.”

Larry Hutchins

St. Louis Missouri

“In the Fall of 2005 I began using the ERGObrass support for euphonium.  Although the exertion of holding up the euphonium is not on the same order as that for the trombone, I realized a similar freedom from tension that has made playing the euphonium as relaxed as possible.  Fitting the ERGObrass to my oval-style Miraphone required some adaptation to the standard kit, which Jouko Antere helped me with.  I understand that my modification has now become a standard feature of the support kit.

Several of my horn playing friends have begun using the ERGObrass support for that instrument and report that it helps reduce tension and aids in playing “off the knee.”

The ERGObrass support systems have proven to be an invaluable addition to my playing experience.  I highly recommend them.”

Mark Jacobs

Instructor in Low Brass
Southern Oregon University Ashland 
Oregon, USA

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