“This is an excellent system, it takes the weight off from hands and fingers. This is important for the shoulders and neck area. So far I have not had any bad problems from the weight but this is a good way to prevent them to happen.

This makes playing much freer than with other supports like the neck strap. This gives more room for movements.”

Laura Kemppainen

Finnish National Opera Orchestra

“In other disciplines it is very common to use new technologies to improve results. In sports we see how new suits for swimming, running shoes or rackets are manufactured for this purpose. In the world of music it seems that we are a bit late but we are starting to use different tools that make our lives easier.

I started working very closely with Jouko looking for something that would really hold the instrument and, after a year, we found a device that not only works in that way but also allows me to have a more relaxed and flexible sound. I think one of the best innovations is adding the second spring on the penguin part. Thanks to it, you have freedom of movement, forgetting that something is holding your instrument.”

Jose Antonio Masmano

Oboe and Cor Anglais 
Orquesta Ciudad de Granada
Püchner Artist

Click the  button below and  you’ll get to a video about Jose Antonio Masmano playing his English horn with the ERG-Oboe:

“With this system a child of any age can play a horn without any physical problems. Not just for the sake of using air, but also to maintain good posture without any tension. I am not saying this just as a spectator but as a father of two “fantastic” hornists, age 7 and 9 years. 

With the ERGObrass support they never have any tension, and they never get tired in any part of the body, except in the lips, of course! Without any doubt the ERGObrass support should be an indispensable tool for every young hornist and also for every horn professor.”

Javier Bonet

International horn artist
Professor of horn 
Madrid, Spain

” I have been teaching little students for years. I found they always have problem on keeping good embouchure and posture of holding the horn. With Ergobrass, the little students can maintain good posture no tension and control the horn very easy. My youngest students who is just only 5, she can play the horn very relex and good air flow. It’s no doubt that the Ergobrass is a good invention for the young players.”

Sally Ng

Hornist, Hong Kong Wind Kamerata
Horn teacher, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
(Junior School)

“I use the ERGObrass whenever I play, and I love it. All the tension that used to travel up my left arm is gone. The ERGObrass is also quite a conversation piece in the New York freelancing scene – everybody wants to know what it is, and wants to try it. It is a wonderful solution to the problem of the awkwardness of holding the horn. 

When I play with the ERGObrass, my breathing comes easier, because my whole body is more relaxed. The biggest side effect of using the support was figuring out how to cue in a chamber music setting. My normal cuing motions were not possible, and I had to figure out a new way to communicate physically with my colleagues. I was able to solve this issue in a few rehearsals.”

Dan Grabois

Meridian Arts Ensemble
New York, USA

“A player needs only a little time to get used to the ERGObrass, a support device that works well in practising at home and in the concert hall. It helps prevent many stress injuries. With this support one can avoid problems caused by bad performing posture — the device encourages correct body alignment for horn playing. 

The ERGObrass makes it easier to hold the instrument; it frees a player from physical tension, not just in the hands and back but also in the throat. It helps relax the player’s breathing. I recommend the ERGObrass for every horn player!”

Erja Joukamo-Ampuja

Professor of horn Sibelius Academy
Helsinki, Finland

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