“When the ErgoBrass supports were first introduced they looked rather awkward to me, and I wondered why anyone would want to use such devices.

However, after having used the euphonium support for nearly two years and the trombone support for about a year, I am now very much a fan.”

Micah Everett

Assistant Professor of Low Brass, University of Louisiana at Monroe,
Principal Trombone Monroe Symphony Orchestra
Assistant Editor (Audio/Video Reviews), ITA Journal

“ERGObone has changed my approach to the trombone. I feel relaxed and in control of the instrument, with improved sound, projection and phrasing. ERGObone prevents tension from limiting your musical ability and I recommend it to all trombonists.”

Kevin Price

Principal Trombone, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
United Kingdom

” I consider the double valve as the worst ergonomic-designed instrument. Having to carry an enormous weight with the left hand, and simultaneously activate both triggers is a recepy to develop pains in one’s shoulder, neck, arm and palm. 

The Ergobone is an excellent solution – by almost eliminating the weight factor by shifting it to the stick – it allows long hours of playing with no abusive effort For the player’s hand. I wholeheartedly recommend it, for all trombones and the Euphonium.”

Eliezer Aharoni

Former bass trombonist, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel
Author of: New Method for the Moderm Bass Trombone (1975) and
The Non-Classic Bass Trombone (2008)

“I find this a great tool for better playing. With the monopode this is just like taking a violin cello and just playing. Especially in long recording sessions also the bell stays easily in the right position towaards the microphone automatically. It keeps me also in a better posture and reduce the pressure towards my chops. And of course it saves a lot of strength. I love it!”

Renato Farias

Tromobonist, Bass trombonist
São Paulo, Brazil

“I was doing some 3-8 hour days and let me tell you. I was still fresh, and the other guys in the quintet were hurting. I am so used to the ERGObone now that I never play without it. My body has never felt so relaxed while playing. I can be in better control of everything.”

Gordon Cherry

Principal Trombone, Vancouver Symphony

“Although I am still in a testing period with the ERGObone I definitely see the benefit of the system. It takes away every tension in your left shoulder, arm and hand and this makes you breathe more freely and has good influence on the embouchure setting, something you start to realize when you take away the system and play without it. 

I am not sure I will use the system all the time, but I am sure I will use it when I make long hours of study, specially on my contrabass trombone.”

Ben van Dijk

Basstrombone, Rotterdam Philharmonic Rotterdam Conservatory Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

“ERGObone has provided me with the solution to a major problem- how to hold the contrabass trombone for long periods of time, without stress and tension. 

Indeed, so impressive is the device, that I find myself using it on any trombone, when extended periods of playing are required, and as an aid to relaxed playing of the instrument. As with all the best ideas, it is simple, but highly effective.”

Chris Stearn

Bass/ Contrabass trombonist, The Orchestra of Scottish Opera
Professor, The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

“If you have problems supporting a big horn, don’t fight with the instrument. There are good ergonomic solutions available now, and the ERGObone is certainly right up there at the top of the list.”

Craig Parmerlee

Bass Trombonist, Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis

“For serious professional and semiprofessional trombonists, and especially bass trombonists the ERGObone is a most welcome development. Finally, here is a device that is easy to use, fits most instruments, and solves the awkward problem of holding and playing the trombone for long periods of time. 

Success on wind instruments depends on being able to breathe FREELY as you play. The ERGObone allows you to do just that and put less effort into holding the instrument. For those of you with sore backs and shoulders from playing a lot of trombone this is the solution to your problem. I wholeheartedly endorse this product.”

Stephen Fissel

Bass Trombonist, Seattle Symphony Orchestra

“I think the ERGObone is a great idea! It allows me to play with less tension in my shoulder and hand. I have only been using it a short while now, but it seems to free up respiration as well.”

Robert Sanders

Bass Trombonist, Pacific Symphony Orchestra and
the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra,
Professor of Trombone, California State University

“Freeing up the arms from the weight of the instrument has allowed upper body isometric tension to be minimal, with the result that breathing is enhanced. The mobility of the body is likewise enhanced.

Surprisingly, the act of playing seems to me more natural with the ERGObone rather than the old way! Because of the benefits of ERGObone, it has proven to be the only way to go. I will never again play
without it! I recommend it to all performers and teachers of trombone, including beginners in school programs, college students, and adult professionals.”

Tracey Gibbens

Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra,
Teacher at the University of Wisconsin Superior

“The ERGObone trombone support device is very handy when playing is especially strenuous, lots of continuous playing without any possibility to rest. Although I am able to play without any support, I like to use it whenever it is necessary.”

Mikael Långbacka

UMO Jazz Orchestra Helsinki,
Professor of Trombone Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory

“I never had any real problems, pain or anything in my hands. But the idea about this support device seemed very interesting and I wanted to try it. In the beginning it felt a little strange but very soon I found a new and better position. During the few weeks of experimenting I gradually increased the use of the ERGObone. 

In fact only now I realise how tensed my body used to be during playing. I did not know that! But perhaps the best thing is that now I feel I am able to use more air than before. Also, when I need to practise more than usual I dont get tired as easily as before. That is quite an advantage as well.”

Teppo Viljanen

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Brass Player of the Year 2000 in Finland

“Well, every brass player knows that the static tension is a big problem for a player. The more relaxed you are able to stay the more efficently you are able to use your body for playing. Many times I’ve been wondering that there should be some relief to the tension but until this device there hasn’t been anything. 

I feel this is very good. I’ve had serious neuralgia in my left hand so I surely want to learn to use the ERGObone playing support. And if I can get used to it at this age, students will learn it in no time. I really recommend every trombonist to experiment and get acquainted with the ERGObone.”

Simo Kanerva

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Professor of trombone, Sibelius Academy

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