Play relaxed with a playing support

Why ERGObrass?

In general, you are always a lot more relaxed. Usually, when you feel better, you’ll sound better!

Once you have learned the new movements, more free feeling as the instrument is nearly weightless. 

Usually a lot better posture automatically. This is especially important for kids!

In the long run, the possibility for playing related musculoskeletal problems, even injuries, diminish radically.

More relaxed upper body, more efficient breathing and better air flow control.

You do not need to put down and lift the instrument so often, it is quite easy to keep the instrument for a few bars in playing position and just balance it with your relaxed hands.

Don't be afraid of rational changes - even if they are radical!


The history of all ERGObrass supports are based on the ERGObone, the first support device for the trombone.

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