Baritone horn and alto horn

You can play virtually all horns with the ERGObrass support. However, some alto and baritone horns are designed so that it is difficult to attach either the standard euphonium plate or standard French horn plate type A on these instruments. There are so many models and they are not as standardized as euphoniums are in structure and shape. So unfortunately there is no guarantee that our plates will fit in every alto, tenor or baritone horn model.

Also the alto and baritone horns are heavy if you play it a longer period of time. With the ERGObrass playing support the instrument just floats weightless on front of you and you can turn it any direction while you play. It also keep the player automatically in good posture. That is important for efficient breathing. Also left hand fingers are relaxed on valve triggers.

On many alto horns the ERGObrass horn support plate “A” fits perfectly. Then normal way of holding the alto horn, is very strenuous as both hands and also the instrument need be hold very high and it is difficult to be relaxed.

The ERGObrass supports not only the instrument but also your hands. It is comfortable to play relaxed in good posture.

When ordering the ERGObrass support for your baritone, tenor or alto horn, please contact us and provide some photos of the instrument inside structure so that we can decide which plate will fit best.

Watch brilliant alto horn playing  with the ERGObrass support by young super talented Norwegian Florian Rademacher Krogsæter

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