Playing support

The ERGOEwi playing support is specially designed to enable the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed. It works with all EWIs. You will attach the playing support to the neck strap hook. 

The playing support removes the need for the hands, fingers and arms to support the weight of the EWI. Instead, the ERGOEwi  transmits the weight of the instrument to the chair, or to the belt pouch the player may wear. This is especially good for your  thumbs when it acts on the octave sliders, pitch bender and other keys. Less tension and pressure on fingers – more dexterity to play your EWI!

You don’t need to have a neck strap when playing standing up, the weight is transmitted to your belt. But you can use it as well if you wish to have some extra stability.

With the weight of the instrument taken off of the body, the player’s touch and feel for playing are improved and stresses are reduced.

Simply, you can play a lot longer without getting tired! And in the long run, the chances to get playing related pains or even injuries diminishes radically.

How to install the attaching part, the “ERGOPenguin”

With ERGOEwi support it is as easy to play sitting down as standing up. Put the support rod inside the black support tube and wrap the rubber band around the larger screw of the spring lock.

Plug the ERGOPenguin head to the neck strap hook of your EWI. Press the black button, this opens the slot lock and you can put the neck strap ring inside the slot, then release.


Attaching the ERGOewi
Cose up ERGOEwi

With the Patented penguin head you can adjust how much the spring bends while you play and move your instrument. With the upper little screw you can release the penguin to slide up and down. The more up it is locked, the more the head can bend and the lower you place it, the more firm it stays. At the lowest position the rod goes inside the penguin head and then it cannot bend at all. Experiment with different settings to find what you like best.

On the lower black grommet there is a ring that you can use if you wish to have more stability by using your neck strap. 

Now you are ready to play with loose hands and fingers!

The latest upgrade to the ERGOEwi is the little black piece which avoid the penguin beak to slide toward the instrument neck and thus keep it in an optimal angle for playing.

EWI Black piece

In the support rod there is a coiled spring in order to give a smooth and soft floating feel to the instrument. Your arms, hands or fingers are no more supporting the weight of the instrument.

Now the weight of the EWI is transmitted to the  to the chair or through the belt pouch to your legs. You can use also the longer monopod extension (sold separately) and transmit the weight to the floor. With the extension you can play either sitting or standing.

After the readjusting period, you will enjoy playing with less tension.

But like always, it is a lot easier to condemn something new without even trying it out!

That is why we have the 30 days money back guarantee, so it is easy and safe way to give a try to this new and better way of playing the EWI! Just click the Order button and get your ERGOEwi support, the new playing comfort will surprise youT!

ERGObone PlayWPlunger
ERGObone PlayWPlunger
ERGObone sitting2
ERGObone sitting
ERGObrass horn monopod sitting
ERGObrass Belt pocket on a horn
ERGObrass Belt pocket on a horn
ERGObrass Belt pocket on a horn
ERGOewi standing 1
Cose up ERGOEwi 2
ERGOewi playing 3
ERGOewi playing 4
ERGOewi playing 5
ERGOewi playing 6
ERGOewi playing 6
ERGOewi playing 8
ERGOewi playing 9
ERGOewi playing 10

“I’ve been using ERGOewi since the day I received it and prefer it over using a neck strap. It provides comfort, stability, promotes better posture and fingering technique.

It works with all EWI models and I highly recommend it.”

Bernie Kenerson
Art of the EWI

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