“I have used the Ergobrass Support System now both in my practice and in professional engagements for over three months and have found it to be very useful tool for playing with much reduced strain on the arms, shoulders and neck . My own journey with this great invention was out of necessity when after 50 years of playing different trumpets I suffered a trapped nerve in my neck which affected my right arm and hand. I am glad to say that I am now recovered and I attribute a great deal of this speedy recovery to the Ergobrass Support System .

As a past music educator and working in a world where orchestras are trying to stress health issues among their players I would urge all brass players to use such a support in order to improve posture and eliminate unwanted tension which over many years can be damaging . In my view all young players should have one for their practice to encourage good habits that can enhance their playing

I have recently used the new and improved quick change mechanism which is very useful to orchestral and band players required to change instruments quickly. It also has a push button head release making it much easier for young players to manage . As an orchestral, band and solo player I heartily commend and recommend the Ergobrass Support System to all brass musicians. Happy and healthy playing!”

John Durrant

MA Trumpet Soloist and Orchestral Player
Ex-Trumpet Tutor Chetham’s School of Music,
Manchester City of Liverpool College
University of East Anglia and King’s College
Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University

“The trumpet has always been considered to be a light instrument. However, the static position especially when played a long time causes a lot of tension to the player’s upper body. The ERGObrass elminates totally this static tension. It is amazing when after using the support one tries to play without it: Do I really need to carry the instrument so much? Boy, it really is heavy! 

I firmly believe that this device also helps young trumpetists. Many times the playing posture goes wrong just because of the weight of the instrument. I personally like also the small size and visual non-obtrusiveness of the ERGObrass support. I really recommend that every trumpetist get to know the ERGObrass for trumpet.”

Ari Heinonen

Principal trumpet, Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Professor, Lahti music school

“The ERGObrass is an excellent device that is very effective in supporting the trumpet while playing. It takes the weight off the shoulders, arms and upper torso which greatly reduces tension and fatigue. I have found it to be particularly helpful in aiding those players that need relief due to injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and rotator cuff tears. I have found that several aspects of my own playing improve when I use it simply as a result of reducing tension in my body. The design is classic – simple and easy to adjust and use. I highly recommend this device to all serious trumpet players.”

Michael Anderson

Oklahoma City, University
International Trumpet Guild Board of Directors

“The ERGObrass for Trumpet is an incredible invention, not only does it make you pay more attention to all aspects of your posture, but more importantly it relieves unwanted tension and unnecessary tiredness. Whether sitting down or standing up the ERGObrass is easy to use and instantly helps to take the weight of the shoulders and back – practising with the ERGObrass, Trumpet playing becomes less tense which results in better dynamics, better flexibility and more freedom in all the registers.”

Philippe Schartz

Section Principal, Trumpet BBC National Orchestra of Wales
United Kingdom

“I Have tried the ERGObrass for trumpet now for about one month and I feel I can write a very positive recommndation. The ERGObrass works in developing posture, breathing an maintaining relaxation in playing. The ERGObras is certainly durable, and the options for use, as well as availability for other brass instruments, are wonderful.”

Michael Tunnel

Professor of trumpet, University of Louisville

“I have tested it by my self and found it very helpful. I have been practicing Alexander Technique for 20 years now and I am very aware of the problem of tension in the body while playing. I found, that your system helps for being more relaxed especially in the region of the shoulders and the neck, which are very crucial. I also let students play for a short time in the lesson with ERGObrass. Most of them also found it helpful. Congratulations! Your system is as simple as it is efficient.”

Wolfgang Guggenberger

Professor of trumpet, Trossingen music high school

“I was looking for that system already in Japan. When using the system it is easy to find and keep a good and supportive posture when I am playing the trumpet. I can feel much more straight breath through the instrument, and that gives better sound. And I also believe that the ERGObrass is very good for children and girls!”

Hiroshi Matsuura

Hiroshima Japan
Trumpet student Lahti Conservatory

“When I experimented with the system for the first time, I immediately noticed that it prevents excessive pressure of the mouthpiece on my teeth. Playing felt much lighter. Practicing with the ERGObrass does not make me physically tired anymore. The saxophone has always had some neck support, so why on earth could we not use a good support if there is one available? In the beginning it may feel funny to play with it, but you get used to it very quickly. I wholeheartedly endorse the ERGObrass for every trumpeter!”

Sami Pöyhönen

The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band, lead trumpet

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