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Trumpet support system

Why the ERGObrass?

Well, the reason for using a playing support is actually very simple and obvious. A typical trumpet weigh about one kilo (2.2 lb). Your arms weigh about 4 to 5 kg (9 to 11 lb) each and you keep both of them up with the horn at the same time.

It is like having one litre water bottle hanging from your hands on front of you. Even the trumpet do not weigh as much as many other brass instruments it is held further from the body and the torque makes the weight feel a lot more heavy…   All the time when you play you do have the tension in your arms, shoulder, neck and back. It is there even if you do not feel it or think about it.

 Of course, you can hold the trumpet and your arms in playing position that way. However, if you can avoid this, the important question is, is there really any sense keep on doing that? Would the playing be better in the long run if your arms, shoulders, neck and back could be more relaxed?

The ERGObrass helps you to keep a good posture and breathe more freely and efficiently. Would it not be better to lean, or even hang, your arms on the horn rather than keep them continually tensed up?

Yes, I’m trying to open your eyes…

If you really focus on the normal playing position, you will realize that it is really not sensible to stay for hours and hours in a static tensed position like this. I mean, really, if you could play without the “normal” static tension, why wouldn’t you?

Health issues have become important
The way the trumpet is played was developed hundreds of years ago. They did not understand anything about the ergonomics back then.

Today we do understand the ergonomic challenges involved in this. Furthermore, modern trumpets have become a lot heavier; therefore, that old irrational tradition of holding your instrument with the everlasting static tension should be questioned.

ERGObrass trumpet support downwards
ERGObass trumpet support playing upwards

Comfort after short adjusting time

You need some time to readjust your perception about trumpet playing. You need a moment to get used to the different feeling of the nearly weightless instrument. You also need to practise how to handle the instrument when not playing, empty the water etc. Everything cannot obviously be done exactly the same way as before, but the new way is not any worse, just slightly different. After the learning period, you will enjoy playing with less tension.

Only after you have learned to play with it you can say whether it is good or not. But like always, it is a lot easier to condemn something new without even trying it out!

That is why we have the 30 days money back guarantee, so it is easy and safe way to give a try to this new and better way of playing the trumpet! Just click the Order button and get your ERGObrass trumpet support, the new playing comfort will surprise you!

“The ERGObrass is an excellent device that is very effective in supporting the trumpet while playing. It takes the weight off the shoulders, arms and upper torso which greatly reduces tension and fatigue. I have found it to be particularly helpful in aiding those players that need relief due to injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and rotator cuff tears. I have found that several aspects of my own playing improve when I use it simply as a result of reducing tension in my body. The design is classic – simple and easy to adjust and use. I highly recommend this device to all serious trumpet players.”

– Michael Anderson

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The problem with children – as every teacher knows – is the wrong posture while playing because of the weight of the horn.


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