Is it awkward?

It is quite natural that a player, who has been playing for years, will go through an experiment and adjustment period when first using the ERG-Oboe support. Most players have developed some subconscious tiny movements during playing and handling the instrument. With the playing support you need to re-adjust these movements slightly. That is why it might feel strange at first to play with the support.

But it is only a matter of some days or weeks, and a player will get used to ERG-Oboe and find a new way to make his or her typical movements, only now the ERG-Oboe will be supporting the weight of the instrument. Now you can discover new and healthier ways of playing. You’ll find out very soon that you can turn and lean your instrument with minimal effort. In fact the only real difference is that you feel more relaxed and playing is lighter and more comfortable.

How is the height adjusted?

It is most important that the instrument is at the right height – where you find it comfortable – when you play. You lift or descend the support rod into its counterpart. And as the instrument is on a top of the spring, you can also move it up and down smoothly and with a minimum force while you play.

The support rod should always be close to vertical upright position when playing. If it is not, it might feel little unstable and pinching. So in the beginning do give attention for learning to keep the rod as carefully upright as you can. Soon it stays there automatically.

What does it look like?

The ERG-Oboe is designed to be as invisible as possible, it is simple and non-obtrusive.

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