“I never have been fully comfortable standing and playing my 11,000 series Heckel, as the balance against my left hand always made technical passages that much more challenging. I have purchased a variety of neck straps and harnesses–you name it, I’ve tried it.

However, with the new ERGObassoon system that issue is completely resolved. It makes the bassoon virtually weightless and allows me to move. It’s so simple, yet very sturdy. I am thrilled with it. I highly recommend this system!” 

Liisa Knorr Nauful

Principal Bassoon
San Luis Obispo Symphony

“I got the stand a few days ago and I must tell you that this is truly a bassoon game-changer. There’s hardly any weight on my left hand and for the first time, I’ve found a comfortable and ergonomic bassoon support that coincidentally also speeds up instrument changes in a cramped musical theatre pit situation! 

Thanks for such a great product and I’m definitely going to be using this a lot!” 

Dennis Kwok

Bassoonist, multi-instrumentalist
Toronto, Canada

“This is a truly new approach in supporting the bassoon. It takes the unwanted weight away from your hands and shoulders. I believe this will be particularly useful for younger bassoonists. I would recommend trying the Ergo Stick in conjunction with a traditional neck strap or slings; you will no more feel any unnecessary weight at your fingers, just control.”

Erkki Suomalainen

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Teacher-in-charge of woodwind pedagogy
Helsinki, Finland

“It is an amazing product. I perform with a reed quintet (Atlantic Reed Consort). It is always been a struggle to stand and play.

It is an amazing improvement!”

Eddie Sanders

Principal Bassoonist
The Concert Band, The United States Air Force Band

“After a brief trial session, I find that using it along with my seat strap is most comfortable and takes every bit of weight off my hands. I can let go of the bassoon with both hands, and it remains upright held by the seat strap and Ergo support. My long torso (and hence high seat strap position) has always prevented that, and placed a lot of weight on my left hand.”

Deborah Kramer

Principal Bassoonist
Symphony San Jose, USA

“I already own and use the Basic Set, and I’m completely convinced of that item, absolutely enthusiastic! It is very comfortable to play with that, free feeling and full possibility to move in every direction. Nearly no weight on your hands or your body. I can absolutely recommend the ERGObassoon to every Player!! Also ordered the upgrade set. “

Holger Zabel

Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie e. V., Herford, Germany

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