Is it awkward?

It is quite natural that a player, who has been playing for years, will go through an experiment and adjustment period when first using the ERGObrass support. Most of players have developed some tiny little movements during playing. The player does not need them really anywhere, in fact he or she does not even know about most of these habits. That is why it might feel strange to play with the support. But it is only a matter of some days or weeks, and a player will get used to ERGObrass and finds a new way to make his or hers typical movements, only now ERGObrass will be supporting the weight of the instrument. Now you can discover new and healthier ways of playing. You’ll find out very soon that you can turn and lean your horn with minimal effort. In fact the only real difference is that you feel more relaxed and playing is lighter and more comfortable.

Does it fit any horn?

Practically yes, although the structure of different horn models can be very polymorphic so we cannot give any guarantees for every horn model. Most horns are, however modifications of two different basic structures and there are available one attaching plate for each of them. The first one, the plate type “A” is designed originally for Alexander 1103 horn but it fits also on most Hans Hoyer horns, Schmid horns, Dieter Otto Horns, Paxmans and many others.

Alexander 1103, plate type A

Alexander 403, plate type A​

Schmid triple, plate type A​

Paxman triple, plate type A​

Conn 8DA​, plate type B

Paxman triple, plate type B

Will it fit in the horn case?

As there is only the little plate attached permanently to the horn, it shall fit easily in many horn cases. However, in some cases you need to adjust the paddings from the inside of the case. The support tubes and rod are approx. 30 cm long and easy transport.

How is the height adjusted?

It is most important that the instrument is at the right height – where you find it comfortable – when you play. You lift or descend the support rod into its counterpart. And as the horn is on a top of the spring, you can also smoothly and with a minimum force move it up and down a little bit while you play.

The support rod should always be close to vertical upright position when playing. If it is not, it might feel little unstable and pinching. So in the beginning do give attention for learning to keep the rod as carefully upright as you can. Soon it stays there automatically.

What does it look like?

The ERGObrass is designed to be as invisible as possible, it is simple and non-obtrusive.

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