The problem for children – as every teacher knows – is the slow collapse of the upper body under the stress of trombone weight.

At the same time the backbone, the lungs and the whole upper body have flopped down. How could anybody develop a proper technique and efficient breathing and blowing in this kind of a position?

In fact all these reactions are very natural. The body tries to find a position where it can tolerate physical stress. But of course at the same time, the physical precondition of being able to play efficiently diminishes radically.

It is certain that one of the most difficult tasks for a young player is to keep a good bearing with the instrument – also when the teacher is not around! Although it is most important to be able to really learn to play.

First the hand gets tired and stiff. Later one often acquires many kinds of pains in the wrist, arm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder or in the upper back and neck. This can reduce the effectiveness and enjoyment of playing the trombone. It does not have to be like this. If a young trombonist do not get tired, he or she will practise a lot longer every day…

A natural reaction under the weight - a curved back. How can you develop a good breathing in this kind of posture?

With the ERGObone trombone support a young child can play a lot longer without getting tired.

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