ERGObassoon sitting with bended rod


Playing support

The ERGObassoon is a real Game Changer in bassoon playing. It is the first playing support which actually removes the bassoon weight from the player’s shoulders and arms for good. It has the same genius basic idea like all other ERGObrass playing supports: it supports the weight from below! Nothing is hanging from you!

The ERGObassoon transmits the whole weight to the floor no matter if you play standing or sitting.  The support is connected to the instruments point of gravity, so you have a weightless bassoon in your hands. But you still can manoeuvre it very freely because it pivots to all directions very easily.

There are two support rods in the Full Set, one bended for playing sitting down and a straight for playing in standing up position.

When comparing the ERGObassoon with the seat strap, no weight in your left arm. This is because it supports from the point of gravity, not from the bottom part. And you can turn the instrument very freely .

ERGObasoon bended rod and rotating head 2

The key feature is the rotating head.

You insert the head either on top of the bended rod, or the straight rod. In both cases there is a gouge near the upper head. It is important as when the screw is tighten it goes to this gouge. You can loose the screw for rotating the support head, but it does not come off without you loosening it completely. This prevents the rod and telescope from falling down accidentally when you set up the angle.

Now you can tighten the head to best position for you.

Below is a video to explain this in real life:

When you play standing up, you have even more freedom to move, the longer the support is, the more it can move. 

When playing standing up, then the straight rod works usually better, then also the spring gives  even more weightless and smooth feeling. 

Rotor valve trumpet and ERGObrass
Rotor valve trumpet and ERGObrass
ERGObassoon standing
Tapsa plays to the left
ERGObassoon standing
Tapsa plays to the far lerg
Tapsa playes slightly to the left
Tapsa not playing
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Very easy to install the attaching part

The ERGObassoon clamp is very easy to attach to your bassoon. If you have a balancer, remove it first. You do not need the balancer when using the ERGObassoon.

Tiy just place the two parts together and tighten the screw firmly with one screw. That’s it! It takes about 10 seconds, no need to drill any holes to your bassoon either.

The rubber cushion which touches the silver does not contain any sulphur, so it does not harm your instrument.

Rotor valve trumpet and ERGObrass
Rotor valve trumpet and ERGObrass
ERGObassoon attaching the clamp
Attaching the clamp 2
Attaching the clamp 3
Attaching the clamp 4
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When the clamp is firmly attached, just place the upper end of the support rod to the eye bolt on top of the clamp. 

Press the black button of the fastener, this opens the lock mechanism, then place the slot around the eye bolt and release. Quick and easy! 

Make sure that the steel wire of the fastener really goes thorough the eye bolt.

Rotor valve trumpet and ERGObrass
Rotor valve trumpet and ERGObrass
Attaching the rod 1
Attaching the rod 1
Attaching the rod 3
Attaching the rod 4
Attaching the rod 5
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