ERGObrass Trumpet Support

Technical details

A tiny plate made of stainless steel is attached with two plastic bands at the bottom of the valve cluster. In the case of a cornet it will be attached vertically as shown in the photo. Also the rotary valved trumpet has its own special plate. All plates have soft cushions so they do not harm the instrument surface.
ERGObrass trumpet support close up
ERGObrass on a cornet close up

The support rod has a special round head which is inserted into the hole of the plate and secured in place with a cotter pin from the back side of the plate.

The height adjustment is done with a quick finger screw. Open the screw, adjust the instrument to the desired height and lock it up again. Nice and quick. The horn is now floating at the desired height on a smooth spring.

ERGObrass trumpet support playing sitting down
ERGObrass trumpet support on rotary trumpet close up
Below the disc lock there is also a smooth spring, so the horn floats comfortably on the top of it and can be lifted or lowered with minimum power. The rubber band prevents the support tube from falling down when  the horn is lifted.

Playing standing up

ERGObrass trumpet support standing up Sami
ERGObrass support with rotary valve trumpet standing up
ERGObrass belt pocket

When you play standing up, you just put the bottom of the support tube into a specially made belt pocket. You just slip the belt through the holes on the plate.

Adjust the desired height and play. The trumpet is very easily turned to any direction so it will not be awkwardly stiff. Now the weight of the horn - and your left  hand which is leaning on the horn! - is transmitted to your legs. This is very comfortable feeling.

Now you can walk and even march while playing!