ERGObrass Trumpet Support

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The trumpet is the lightest of all brass instruments, but the leverage is great because the centre of gravity is approximately 30 cm from the body.  In addition, the player must hold his or her hands much higher than in the case of the French horn or trombone. Please keep in mind that it's pretty tiring to hold your hands up for five minutes, even without an instrument!

Today we pay much attention to how the tools and equipment we use every day affect our health and comfort. This is the science of ergonomics. However, all brass instruments were designed hundreds of years before we learned how important ergonomics are for us.

Over the years if the trumpet is held with statically tensed hands, many players suffer various consequences.

First the hands get tired and stiff. Later one often aquires many kinds of pains in the wrist, arm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder or in the upper back and neck. This can reduce the effectiveness and enjoyment of playing the trumpet. Also the bell often descends pointing to the floor instead of beeing pointing forward.

The inevitable tension in the upper body also disturbs our breathing, and this diminishes our ability to produce good sound quality and long phrases.

ERGObrass trumpet sitting Sami from side

The ERGObrass might seem to require a very radical change in the way a trumpet is played and therefore it is especially important that you read and look at these pages with an open mind without any prejudice.

After all the needed changes are only very slight. Leave your initial emotional reactions aside as they often prevent us from seeing things clearly when fronted with something that is very different to what we are used to. Instead, ask yourself if what we are about to show  you here seems sensible, rational and logical.

We firmly believe that playing the trumpet or cornet with the help of the ERGObrass gives a player a lot more benefits than it takes to learn few new habits.

No saxophone, bassoon or cello are held with tense hands during playing. The endpin of the violoncello was invented only a 120years ago. Before the invention of the endpin, the violoncello was played between tensed knees. Who is playing the cello that way any more! Nowadays even many oboists or clarinet players hold their instruments of a few hundred grams with neck stripe rather than with tensed hands.

It is important to feel relaxed and comfortable when making music.The ERGObrass support is specially designed to be be a handy medium which enables the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed by removing the need for the body to support the weight of the instrument. Instead, the ERGObrass support will transmit the weight of the horn to the chair or through the belt to the legs.