ERGObrass Trombone Support

Videos – Ergobone

See what's in the package, how to put it together and how to use the support. 6 min.


An interview with bass trombonist Ron Wilkins from New York and the Dutch Bass Trombone Open host Marcel Schot about the ERGObone and other ERGObrass playing supports. (4 min)


Vesa Lehtinen from Lahti Symphony has been using the ERGObone already many years. (2 min)


ERGObone trombone support used in a bass trombone on a big band gig. Easy, flexible smooth and relaxed to play a floating weightless instrument! (2 min)

ERGObrass brass supports in a research project in Cardiff Wales UK where the ERGObone and all other different ERGObrass supports are in test. (7 min)

In this old video from 2010 Antti Rissanen demonstrates how to play the SuperBone with the ERGObone support. A lot easier!