ERGObrass Trombone Support

Technical details – ERGObone

Today, we pay attention to how the tools and equipment we use every day affect our efficiency to use them, comfort, and health. This is the science of ergonomics. The trombone does pose special ergonomic challenges because of its size and weight.

With the ERGObone you can play the the trombone effortless both sitting and standing.

ERGObone trombone support chair set up

The ERGObone trombone support is designed to enable the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed. It is simply done by removing the need for the body to support the weight of the trombone. Instead, the ERGObone support will transmit the weight of the horn to the chair, or to the harness the player may wear. Now the instrument floats smoothly and weightless. Your hands and arms stay relaxed.

ERGObone Harness set
ERGObone trombone harness with mute

A plastic fastener is attached near the centre of gravity of the trombone and it joins either in a monopod tube standing on the chair, or in a plastic counterpart hanging in a comfortable harness - similar to other wind instrument harnesses.

The spring mechanism enables a smooth playing experience. The trombone floats freely on top of the spring. You can adjust the horn to stay in desired height and fix that with the disc lock.

Place the lower end of the tube to the chair. Now the horn floats weightless but as the connection is loose, you can turn the instrument very freely while playing.

The chair tube is designed to be used while seated, and the harness can be used in both the seated and standing positions.

ERGObone full set parts
ERGObone attaching to trombone
ERGObone trombone support close up