ERGObrass Trombone Support

Special Trombones

The Holton SuperBone

With the ERGObone the heavy SuperBone is easy, light and comfortable to handle. Both hands are free from any tension as the whole weight is transmitted to the shoulders, or to the chair, if you are playing sitting down and use the normal ERGObone chair support tube.


ERGObone on SuperBone 3
Ergobone on SuperBone 2

When using the ERGObone on a SuperBone you need to attach the clamp in the upper brace instead of the normal place in a trombone. To keep the horn in a good angle it is needed to add also a plastic part on the third valve cylinder. The clamp is resting to the plastic piece and the horn is in good position for playing.

Now you can play as long as you like without getting tired. Also left hand fingers are relaxed on valve triggers.

From the following link you can watch the ERGObone on a SuperBone video in YouTube:

ERGObone On a SuperBone

If you wish to order an ERGObone set for a SuperBone, please email us and we´ll make a special SuperBone set with the extra plastic piece for you!

Ergobone on SuperBone 1


The Contrabass Trombone

With the ERGObone also the big Contrabass Trombone is easy to play is easy, light and comfortable to handle.

Craig Parmerlee, Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis USA, playing his Alexander F contrabass trombone with the ERGObone. Also Ben van Dijk, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Rotterdam Conservatory, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester UK has given his good recommendations about the ERGObone system.