ERGObrass Saxophone Support

Techical details

The ERGOsax  support is specially designed to be a handy medium to enable the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed by removing the need for the arms to support the weight of the soprano sax. Instead, the ERGOsax  will transmit the weight of the horn to the chair, or to the belt pouch the player may wear.

ERGOsax support standing Samuel Phua looking camera
ERGOsax sitting down

Freeing up the upper body can also help the most important aspects of wind playing: breathing and airflow. With the weight of the instrument taken off of the body, the player’s touch and feel for playing are improved and stresses are reduced.

ERGObrass belt pocket
ERGOsax sop support close up

The plastic support head with a quick locking mechanism is on top of a steel bar. Attach it in one movement to the neck strap ring of the soprano. In the support rod there is a coiled spring in order to give a smooth and soft floating feel to the horn. Your hands and arms are no more supporting the weight of the instrument.

Now the weight of the soprano is transmitted to the belt pouch or to the chair. There is also a little ring in the support head. Put the strap lock in this ring as using the strap will keep the soprano better in balance, even your neck is no longer supporting the weight.