ERGObrass tour to Singapore and New Zealand Dec 2018

In December 2018 we were touring in Singapore and New Zealand. In Singapore we met the local brass dealer Accent Music. A great visit to the Accent music store near Beauty World metro station where we met Mr Yeow Gee San and Yu Se and they showed us around in their store and talked about the Singaporean brass community. After an introduction and demonstration of ERGObrass supports we decided to start a cooperation and bring the product family to Singapore.

After Singapore we flew to Auckland New Zealand for a holiday tour for four weeks. During that time we visited several brass bands, although December, the holiday season, was just beginning and most of the bands were already on a summer holiday. We also met a few dealers both in Auckland and Wellington.

New Zealand is very dear to me as I was working down there in the early 80s as a music teacher in Tauranga area and I occasionally also played in the Waikato Symphony in Hamilton. So it is always a great pleasure to go back there.

-Jouko Antere-

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