ERGObrass French Horn Support

Technical details

You need to attach a stainless steel plate permanently to your horn with flexible plastic ties. There are two different plate options available, see our FAQ  and video page for more info. The plate is cushioned with soft paddings to protect your instrument surface. The plate has several holes so that you can find the right one for best balance. Stick the support head through the hole and secure it with the cotter pin so that it does not fall when yo lift the horn.

ERGObrass French horn support attached close up
ERGObrass French horn support chair sitting

The support part has a stainless steel rod and the support head on top of it. You can move it up and down in the black tube. The spring mechanism enables a smooth playing experience. You can adjust the horn to stay in desired height with the disc lock.

Place the lower end of the tube to the chair. Now the horn floats weightless but as the connection is loose, you can turn the instrument very freely while playing. When resting place the horn to your lap like usual. The support rod and the tube hangs from the plate between your legs.


ERGObrass support French horn standing w. belt pocket Tero
ERGObrass French horn support playing standing Tero

To play standing up, you put the support tube in a special belt pocket. Now the weight of you hands and the instrument is transmitted through the belt to your legs! This is actually very comfortable feeling.


ERGObrass belt pocket

Optional telescopic extension:

ERGObrass French horn support telescope version standing up
ERGObrass support French horn telescope extension sitting

There is available also a telescopic support extension for playing both standing up and sitting down. It enables player even more freedom while playing because a longer support allows larger movements at the same time as it transmits all the weight to the floor. The extension has five sections and four quick locks to get the extension in right height.

The extension set does not belong to the normal full set but can be purchased as an additional set.

French horn standing with extension pole
ERGObrass French horn support sitting w extension 1 female