ERGObrass Euphonium Support

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The euphonium is certainly not a small and light instrument. Today we pay much attention to how the tools and equipment we use everyday affect our health and comfort. This is the science of ergonomics.

The euphonium, while a marvellous instrument, does pose special ergonomic challenges because of its size and weight. The bigger the horn is or the smaller the player (younger players), the more important ergonomic considerations become.

ERGObrass euphonium support Ayako sitting down

Today the euphonium is surely one of the heaviest instruments to be played without any support. No saxophones, bassoons or cellos are held with tense hands during playing.

The ERGObrass might seem to require a very radical change in the way an euphonium, baritone horn, tenor horn and alto horn are played and therefore it is especially important that you read and look at these pages with an open mind without any prejudice. After all the needed changes are only very slight. Leave your initial emotional reactions aside as they often prevent us from seeing things clearly when confronted with something that is very different to what we are used to. Instead, ask yourself if what we are about to show you seems sensible and logical.

We firmly believe that playing the euphonium with the help of the ERGObrass gives a player benefits that are well worth the effort of learning a few new habits. We have a money back guarantee although we are proud to admit that fewer than 1 % of ERGObrass supports we send to players around the world are returned.

ERGObrass euphonium support holding standing up

The ERGObrass euphonium support is so camouflage that it is sometimes difficult to even see in the photos!