ERGObrass Saxophone Support


ERGOsax playing support for the soprano saxophone can be utilized also with the clarinet.

ERGOclarinet in standing up position

However, you need a few additional little pieces for that as there is normally no suitable neck strap ring to attach the ERGOsax support to a clarinet.

First get a RMB lyre from your local music store (around 20 euros or 25 US dollar). Screw the clip for music off from it and put the little eye bolt (included in the package when ordering ERGOclarinet from us) instead in its place:

RMB Clarinet lyre

Attach the Marching lyre with the eye bolt the other way around so that the eye bolt is just above the thumb rest. Now you can attach the ERGOsax clamp easily to the clarinet and play without having the clarinet weight on your thumb.

ERGOsax in a clarinet, sitting position

You can get the clarinet in the right angle and height with the disc lock of the support, just above the coiled spring. This is a very relaxing way to play the clarinet! You still can move quite freely while playing.

If you wish to get this special edition of the ERGOsax support for clarinet, please Email us: