Saxophone Support

The general idea of ERGObrass supports is based on a simple fact that all wind§ instruments are heavy to hold. We all know that relaxation is very important in soprano saxophone playing. However, holding the instrument in playing position inevitably produces a static tension in hands, arms, shoulders, upper body and throat. Typically a player bend his or her head down and play the soprano downwards. In spite the bell should point to the audience.

Most players can play with this curved posture and the tension, of course - but the tension is always there disturbing the performance.

By using an ERGObrass support every soprano sax player can stay totally relaxed while playing. And in addition to the better efficiency, it is also very comfortable!


Technical Details

Today, we  pay much more attention to how the tools and equipment we use every day affect our health. This is the science of ergonomics. The soprano sax, while a marvellous instrument, does pose special ergonomic challenges because of its structure and the way it should be held while playing. 

It is important to feel relaxed and comfortable when making music.

First the hand gets tired and stiff. Fingers cannot stay relaxed and work efficiently. The bell usually will descend and the neck and throat are not as open as they should. A general awkward feeling appears, perhaps that is one reason the marvellous soprano solos tend to be too short!

Later one often acquires many kinds of pains in the wrist, arm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder or in the upper back and neck. This can reduce the effectiveness and enjoyment of playing the soprano sax.

It does not have to be like this.

he ERGOsax  support is specially designed to be a handy medium to enable the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed by removing the need for the arms to support the weight of the soprano sax. Instead, the ERGOsax  will transmit the weight of the horn to the chair, or to the belt pouch the player may wear. Freeing up the upper body can also help the most important aspects of wind playing: breathing and airflow. With the weight of the instrument taken off of the body, the player’s touch and feel for playing are improved and stresses are reduced.

How to attach

Squeeze the support head

On the top of the support head there is a plastic made head. When squeezing the spring, it opens and you can put the soprano strap ring into the slot. When you release the spring, it secures the bow in place.

The strap is still useful

The support head is on top of a steel bar and there is a spring in order to give a smooth and soft floating feel to the horn. Your hands and arms are no more supporting the weight of the instrument.

Now the weight of the soprano is transmitted to the belt pouch or to the chair. There is a little ring in the support head. Put the strap lock in this ring as using the strap will keep the soprano better in balance, even your neck is no longer supporting the weight.




Watch how Robert Löflund is testing the prototype


Does it fit any saxophone?

This saxophone support is made specially for the soprano saxophone. You can play either on straight or curved soprano. Also an alto saxophone can be played with the ERGOsax support, but we do not recommend it to heavier saxophones.


Is it awkward?

It is quite natural that a player, who has been playing for years, will go through an experiment and adjustment period when first using the ERGOsax support. Most of players have developed some tiny little movements during playing, the player does not need them anywhere, in fact he or she does not even know about most of them. But it is only a matter of some days or weeks, and a player will get used to ERGOsax and finds a new way to make his or hers typical movements, only now ERGOsax will be supporting the weight of the instrument. Now you can discover new and healthier ways of playing. You’ll find out very soon that you can turn and lean your horn with minimal effort. In fact the only real difference is that you feel more relaxed and playing is lighter and more comfortable...


Will it fit in the horn case?

As there is nothing attached permanently to the horn, there is no problem to put it in your horn case. The support rod and tube are approx. 26 cm long and easy transport.

How is the height adjusted?

It is most important that the instrument is at the right height - where you find it comfortable - when you play. You lift or descend the support rod into its counterpart. Just open the screw and set it in a desireble height. And as the horn is on a top of the spring, you can also smoothly and with a minimum force move it up and down a little bit while you play.

What does it look like?

The ERGOsax is designed to be as invisible as possible, it is simple and non-obtrusive.


Is the neck strap no longer needed?

The soprano sax can be played quite easily even without the strap with the ERGOsax. However, many players like to use the neck strap even the weight is no more carried by the neck. With the neck strap   you may have even more sable feel for playing. However, this is a personal matter after all.


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